EDPM Flat Roofing

Firestone Epdm flat roofing

What is EPDM?

Epdm is a rubber flat roofing system that is laid by certified installers in one piece with no joints to all flat roofing types. Kitchen extensions – Garage roofs – Dormer roofs – Porch roofs etc.

Firestone Epdm rubber roofing – With Epdm being tried and tested to it’s maximum in America for many years this is the only flat roofing system on todays market that has a lifespan of 50 years. 

Applied to new roofing boards with a Firestone adhesive, Epdm is laid by hand in one single sheet no matter how big or small your roof area is we can assure you that we can lay your new Epdm roof in one single sheet membrane with no joints.

No joints, No leaks. 

EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a high density rubber single sheet membran that has characteristics that make it especially suitable for residential flat roofs. EPDM is finished to an extremely smooth surface, also it has great resistance to abrasives, tearing, solvents and high temperatures.

Ross’s Roofing staff members are fully certified installers of Firestone Edpm. Only certified members can offer a full manufacturers guarantee of 20 years on this product.